Fenomenologia da revolução

Fenomenologia da revolução

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Urban youth activism and the peace process in Angola

[F/ rmc].Angolan Youth Activism_full text in Pdf  By Florindo Chivucute || For decades, Angolan youth were recruited by both the Angolan’s Armed Forces (FAA) and the National Leia mais

The madman as a victim of Descartes

[Pt|rmc]Domingos da Cruz | The present article is a consequence of a larger project, originally titled “The Madman as a Cartesian Victim and the Inflection of Leia mais

Symbolic power and the future of opposition

[Pt|rmc]Domingos da Cruz | Symbolic power cannot be associated with an idea of power built upon money, military power, witchcraft, cruelty or any other aspect related Leia mais

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